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A suite of training provided by CHIA Queensland to help you achieve real, impactful learning. For programs on offer, click on "Programs" or play the video to the right. Need help? Contact


START DATE: ONGOING   This course will introduce you to the Foundations for Growth learning journey.   This course is provided free for all users.   Insights will be provided into: Navigating the online learning platform, The courses and topics covered, and Getting assistance, should you need it Read More

START DATE: 04 October 2021   What steps do you need to take to ensure your organisation is ready and well-positioned to create or take advantage of opportunities? Lay a strong foundation for increasing your housing stock through strategic thinking, getting the right people around the table, and understanding your risk profile. This course guides you through practical steps to identify areas with your business that need to be enhanced, and the necessary planning to support a sustainable and successful development. Interested? Download a course flyer here Read More

START DATE: 4 October 2021   In increasingly complex situations, community housing professionals need to draw on their problem-solving skills to respond to emergent issues, including critical incidents and high-risk scenarios. Addressing wicked problems often requires collaboration and drawing on a wide range of resources. This course will provide you with tools and practical strategies to get right to the heart of a problem, dismantle obstacles to achieving your goals and find ways to uncover solutions that may not be apparent to others.   Interested? Download a course flyer here. Read More

START DATE: 4 Oct 2021   Effective community housing professionals are able to motivate people - colleagues, clients and communities - to engage in initiatives and projects that improve service delivery. But how can you achieve things through others, and use influence to do this? This course provides foundational knowledge, techniques, and strategies to increase your positive impact on the workplace, the community and government. In the words of Margaret Mead, "never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has". Learn how to enlist others’ knowledge, skills, efforts, and energies beyond the bounds of organisational authority.   Interested? Download a course flyer here. Read More

START DATE: 08 November 2021   In today’s fast-paced community housing world, we can be tempted to think that we don’t have the time to attend to our own professional development and keep our skills up to date. Becoming a life-long learner delivers tangible benefits - continuous learning is the key to remaining confident, adaptable, effective and engaged. Being an adaptable learner is the new super-skill, providing you with the grounding to move your professional competencies to meet current and future challenges and opportunities. This course will provide you with knowledge and tools to take charge of your own learning journey.   Interested? Download a course flyer here. Read More

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